We are all busy and occupied with the worldly tasks of everyday life. Waking up in the morning at the ringing of an alarm clock, rushing through the daily chores and going about completing our work in a routine manner. In this fast paced world of mindless rush each of our lives are  subjected to, I want this blog to be a free window for deep contemplative introspection, a place where everyone takes a deeper look at their lives and hopefully leaves feeling a lot better about it too. I don’t aspire to be the know-it-all self help guy who can post instant remedies to your problems. I am no maverick with words nor a certified master of any language. I don’t want to bind anyone with my ideas and beliefs about life. But what I do want is to think, share, write and inspire the highest ideals of human existence and our society,  way beyond the man made constructs of money and society. It’s an honest attempt to abide by these ideals that I have come to believe in through experience. I hope this blog adds value to those who visit in some small way and it itself grows in value by the precious contribution of it’s readers.

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