Rush – A Real Rush of Blood to The Head


When a close friend of mine told me we’ll watch this movie called Rush, I wasn’t really in favour of the idea because he is crazy about cars and I didn’t know much about them. So I thought maybe I wouldn’t be able to get a grip on the plot. But he did manage to persuade me finally and I’m glad that I saw it. The plot is about the real life rivalry between two F1 racers, James Hunt(Chris Hemsworth) from Britain, driving for McLaren And Niki Lauda(Daniel Bruhl), from Austria, driving for Ferrari. Both of the drivers have completely different philosophies about racing and life. While Niki is highly skilled and analytical and knows everything about cars inside out, James is a hot head with a photographic memory ,an aggressive driver and also, F1’s very own Casanova. The plot revolves around their rivalry and how each of them undergoes radical transformations, trying to outperform each other. All in all these are some of the lessons that I found in this gem of a movie:

Live Each Day like Your Last
In the beginning of the movie, when the character of James Hunt is first introduced, he says something which left quite a mark on my mind. He says

“The closer you are to death, the more alive you feel “

This is so true. If every one of us lives each day of their lives like their last, there would be no fear regarding death as there would be no regrets of a life half lived.

Chase your dreams no matter what
Both of the characters have an influential background. The Lauda family are rich people associated with economists and politicians of Austria and Hunt comes from a finance-related family. But both of them decide to chase their dreams no matter what and the exhilaration that they experience is worth more than any amount of money earned through mainstream professions

Know Everything About What You Do
When Niki gets into F3, he buys a bankrupt F3 company and starts building his own car from scratch. Though he is a driver, he actually spends time with the garage workers day and night to build the car that he wants to drive. He knows every detail about the car and even instructs the garage guys on how to make it. Imagine the confidence that such authority over one’s subject brings!

Let Go When You Have Enough
In the final race, world champion Niki Lauda withdraws halfway through the race because of the weather conditions. It is because decides to let go of his ambition of becoming world champion again so that he can safely go back to his wife. In life also, learn to let go when you have had enough of something.

One of the best quotes in the movie is definitely this one

“A wise man can learn more from his enemies than a fool from his friends”