Yin Yang and the Concept Of Duality


There are a plethora of religions out there.Each religion has something unique to it. Buddhism, famous for its simplicity and understandability. Christianity, for the equality which is there among fellow folllowers. Hinduism, for its variety. But none can compare to that founded by the foolish looking yet deeply wise man named Lao Tzu. The most striking difference between Taoism and other religions was that most of the mystics as we know them followed the path of logic to appeal to the masses. But Lao Tzu had his own absurd belief that logic could not explain life as logic is finite; while existence is infinite.So he explained in analogies.One such appealing concept propounded by him was the concept of duality. What it says is that nothing in this universe can exist without its counterpart i.e. existence as a whole is a balance of duality. Success cannot exist without failure. As absurd as it sounds it means love cannot exist without hate. And yes, happiness cannot without sadness! What this concept means is that existence isn’t independant, as we are led to believe by our society. Neither is it completely dependant. But it is essentially interdependant.The bottomline that we reach is we need to accept life as a whole and not just the brighter side of the coin. This acceptance will ultimately create a blissful existence. Let that seep in and I am sure it will give you a different perspective on life. And do keep following for more Insights!

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