A Lesson from the Man of Steel


A movie with an average superhero plot, a pretty dramatic storyline and fantastically awesome special effects in 3D, Man Of Steel did fulfil my expectations of the correct portrayal of the ‘Man who gave people hope’. But amidst the fights through the buildings, the massive destruction of the city of Metropolis and other parts of the world and the massive world engines creating Krypton on Earth, there was a message which Clark Kent’s Dad gave Clark when he was pushed towards the fence by a bunch of bullies in his younger days. He said that everyone had a choice, a choice to choose a side and a choice to be what one wants to be. This belief was reinforced by Zor El when he told Kal that he was the very embodiment of the belief of choice. When Superman finally faced General Zod, he faced two choices- Aid Zod in his pursuit of creation of Krypton on Earth or prevent him from doing so. Everyone knows that if he had made the first choice, the outcome would have been radically different. But Superman didnot want to recreate Krypton at the cost of millions of lives on Earth. And so he holds on to this choice and creates his own destiny. So, for those who underestimate the power of choices, your choices indeed create your destiny.

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